2020 Trials Junior & Senior

The skilful alternative

Unlike other forms of motorcycle sport mototrials is short sections set to test rider skills , not speed.

Scrutineering & Sign on: 8.30- 9 .30 am  Start time: 10am

Catering TBA

2020 Calendar:

15 MAR Practice Day TBA
19 APR R1 Club Trials Pointscore P Betts / Yarrawa
17 MAY R2 Club Trials Pointscore Sykes / Martindale
7 & 8 JUN  NSW Twin Shock Championships  Cowan / Sandy Hollow
19 JUL R3 Club Trials Pointscore McCormick / Yarrawa
23 AUG R4 Club Trials Pointscore A Betts / Yarrawa
20 SEPT R5 Club Trials Pointscore M Collins / Yarrawa
18 OCT R6 Club Trials Pointscore B Collins / Martindale
8 NOV R7 Club Trials Pointscore Sykes / Martindale

What’s Required

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Follow our easy to follow guide AM I RIDE READY page. Also read CLUB INFO pages.

Bikes & Classes


Several natural terrain obstacle course short sections set over various terrain – including hills, boulders, logs, drop offs! Different colour markers within each section determine the “line” riders take according to their grading – the higher the grade, the more difficult the line.

Skill is demonstrated by the riders in overcoming different obstacles without stopping or allowing the feet to touch the ground. Riders do 4 laps of each of the 5 sections in the morning and after lunch break another 4 laps of each in reverse direction (number of laps may be varied at discretion of COC).


Points are accrued per “fault” such as:

Points are tallied and the rider with lowest score is the winner. Trophies are awarded for each grade at the end of the day and  at the end of the year Championship trophies are awarded.

Working Bee required for section setups on the Saturday.  

Observers and helpers needed – please bring a helper – more helpers, less time each helper is needed!! Try observing or marking it’s fun - it really is!

Enquiries: Please contact any of the following and if that person is unable to help with your enquiry they will hopefully be able to suggest someone who can. 

Luke Anderson 0420 926890 E: lukeanderson4@bigpond.com 

Set ups: Geoff Grist: 0407 232 025

Email: trials@denmanmcc.com.au 

Helpful websites:

Please acquaint yourself with the rules & regs (Moto Trial Section 23 of Manual of Motorcycle Sport) Link: Motorcycling Australia MOMS (GCR's)

MNSW By-Laws Moto Trials: MNSW Moto Trials By-Laws PDF 

Trials Australia: Trials Australia 

ENJOY your day with Denman Motorcycle Club. Have a fun, safe ride.

Come and join us in the beautiful Hunter Valley for a day of fun with family friendly atmosphere

Spread the Word - Hope 2 C u there!!